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HMBD-002 represents a unique first-in-class anti-VISTA neutralizing antibody. VISTA is a co-inhibitory immune checkpoint receptor of the B7 family that suppresses T-cell activity and has been shown to play a critical role in the formation of tumors and resistance to immunotherapy in cancer.


HMBD-002 binds to VISTA at a specific site predicted to be essential for ligand-binding and function, inhibiting VISTA and neutralizing its activity in cancer cells.

​HMBD-002 Binds To Key Functional Interface Inhibiting Tumor Growth

Key interface residues indentified




Preclinical models have shown that a single dose of HMBD-002 as a monotherapy significantly reduces tumor progression, prolongs progression-free survival and inhibits tumor growth with no observed toxicity. Its application as combination therapy with antibodies against PD(L)-1 shows potential to more than double its efficacy.


The Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas (CPRIT) has awarded Hummingbird a US$13.1 million product development grant to advance this first-in-class anti-VISTA therapeutic antibody into clinical trials for the treatment of solid tumors that are unresponsive to existing therapies and have their anti-tumor immunity suppressed by VISTA-mediated activity. 

Mehta, N.Maddineni, S.Mathews, I.I.Andres Parra Sperberg, R.Huang, P.S.Cochran, J.R. (2019) Cell Rep 28: 2509-2516.e5​


Boyd-Kirkup, J.D., Thakkar, D., Sancenon, V., Guan, S., Paszkiewicz, K., & Ingram, P.J. Abstract: 477: HMBD-002-V4 A novel anti-VISTA antibody that uniquely binds murine and human VISTA and potently inhibits tumor growth by remodeling the immunosuppressive tumor microenvironment. J. Immunother. Cancer, vol 6, no. S1, p. 115, Nov. 2018.


Boyd-Kirkup, J. D., Thakkar, D., Paszkiewicz, K., & Ingram, P. J. (2018). Abstract 1729: Integrative immune profiling of syngeneic tumor models provides predictive immune signatures for treatment response with HMBD-002, a novel anti-VISTA neutralizing antibody. Cancer Research, 78 (13 Supplement), 1729–1729.


Ingram, P. J., Thakkar, D., & Boyd-Kirkup, J. D. (2017). Abstract 587: HMBD-002, a novel neutralizing antibody targeting a specific epitope on the co-inhibitory immune checkpoint receptor VISTA, displays potent anti-tumor effects in pre-clinical models. Cancer Research, 77(13 Supplement), 587–587.


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