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Hummingbird Bioscience is a clinical-stage biotech company founded in 2015 by a team of interdisciplinary scientists with a shared belief that there was a better way to deliver a new generation of transformative medicines.

At Hummingbird, we harness powerful modern approaches to systems biology and data science to better understand disease mechanisms and how to treat these, through the development of rationally engineered bio-therapeutics.


We are advancing a rich pipeline of first and best-in-class drug candidates in oncology, autoimmune and infectious diseases, in collaboration with global partners in academia and industry.


With operations in Singapore and the US, we have strong internal capabilities spanning antibody discovery, pharmacology and production, to clinical and business development.


Together we aim to accelerate the journey of new drugs from concept to clinical care.

Hear From Our Team

Namita Gandhi, PhD

Head of Translational Biology

As Head of Translational Biology at Hummingbird, I get to work on complex scientific problems that have meaningful impact on drug discovery and development every day.

Carlo Polo

Head of Regulatory Affairs and Quality Assurance

My work is centred around the safety and quality of our research programs. Hummingbird is a great environment for learning and growth as we expand our pipeline and prepare our lead programs for clinical trials; you get great exposure and vast opportunities to learn on-the-job.