Hummingbird Bioscience is focused on using the advances in systems biology to significantly improve oncology drug discovery and development

Rapid advances in our understanding of cancer biology allow us to identify promising new targets and key principles of successful therapeutic strategies
  • Integrative data and multi-scale model driven analysis of target biology to optimize effector mechanism and reduce tumor resistance
  • Direct targeting of tumor cells, dysregulated stromal support mechanisms or tumor microenvironment and immune checkpoints

Proprietary Rational Antibody Discovery platform brings the advantages of rational drug design to the large molecule space
  • Design and isolation of antibodies with precise targeting, optimized for functional, safety and developability criteria
  • Integration of structural biology, systems immunology and single cell sequencing approaches

Rapidly increasing availability of public and proprietary, high quality omics datasets allows us to better inform pre-clinical development plans and enable precision medicine
  • Mechanism driven, -omics analysis informs selection of appropriate pre-clinical models, role of tumor heterogeneity and down-stream biomarker development

  • Collaborations with academic and clinical groups in the US, Singapore and China to assess and access most informative pre-clinical models

Our Approach